Mar 21, 2009

secret revealed?

I finally let a few close friends read my blog, and i believe not everyone of them hv yet to visit =b......and i forgot that one of them had this conversation with me which i posted few mths ago...

Oopsy Daisy!

haha!i think she knew who i was talking about that time...and she was the last person whom i want to tell because she is really closed to this person...and to him, she knowg about this is just a VICTORY for him....~*jelingan maut to him*~...he will definitely insult me...and make me sound like the lowest of the lowest...but no, thats not gonna happen...=bbbb~~

but thinking back...~~ what was i thinking? just doesnt matter anymore...its just damn tiring and a waste of time..and y i even waste 2-3 minutes of my life writing a sms to a guy who care not to reply a 'friend' sms...

i get the msg...and stop hoping since im officially over you...

am i still your friend then? haha!!=)


hey hey hey

jumpa lagi

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