Mar 24, 2009

The Angel Inside #I

By Chris Widener

Well u hv to be in a situation where u are desperately seeking for answers to all your questions...otherwise this book will only be a waste of time...

"Take a journey to a modern day Florence, Italy where a despondent thirty year old Amer
ican, Tom Cook, goes to "find himself." On the last day of his trip, a mysterious old man approaches Tom on a park bench and begins to lead Tom on a tour of Art, the life of Michelangelo, the history of David, and a deeper look at Tom's own life. This book will inspire you to take your life to the next level and beyond. It will encourage you and challenge you to create a life of power and beauty."

*Finding the angel inside you
"Let us start with a story: One day, Michelangelo was working on this marble that would become David, and a young child came by where he was working. Michelangelo said to him, 'Young boy, there is an angel inside of this rock and I am setting him free'"
Michelangelo saw the angel deep at rest within the rock, waiting to be set free to inspire Florence and the world!"

"There is an angel inside you. There is a person of beauty. There is a person of power. David represent both"

*The power of following your own passion
"The world is filled with ppl who do not do what they love. Most ppl drift through life like a feather in the wind. They do not have a purpose that comes from their passion, from their strength. These are the men and women who, as it is said, 'live lives of quiet desperation.' Time passes and they are near death and all they are left with is regret. Yet there is nothing they can do about it. Their lives are lost because they did not decide to do what they wanted."

"You will never be successful doing what you do not want to do. You will certainly sabotage yourself."

*Being confident in your strength
"If you are to be successful, you must find self-confidence in the things that you do well and then pursue them.As the David had done over the city of Florence for so many hundreds of years, the secret is that you too mus
t stand confidently in whatever you do." "Begin to work in an area of your strength and talent. By doing so, you will feel and become more confident. The reason you have no confidence now is because you are not good at what you do. So you are reminded , both consciously and subconsciously, everyday, that you are not good at what you spend most of your day doing. This breed doubt, fear and ultimately, despair."

*Beauty through details
"The beauty is in the details"
"When we are working in areas that we have no passion for, it is natural for us, with no care for our work, to simply put in the time, to do whatever will get us by and produce work that is mediocre at best and with no pleasure attached to it. Michelangelo was passionate about his work. He wanted every statue and painting to look like as though it might suddenly spring to life."

*Your hand creates what your mind conceives
If you really looked at the David you will notice that The head and the hands of David are out of proportion. Michelangelo knew that the head of II Gigante would be some 20 feet off the ground. Of course, the further away an object is, the smaller it appears. He made the head large to provide context, so it could be seen in proper proportion to the rest of the body as people looked up from the foot of the statue. (The lesson here is:) Sometimes parts of your life must be bigger than others in order to bring balance."

"You can become anything you want in life. You can achieve whatev
er you desire. But you must make the connection between both the head and the hands."

"Most people live in one or the other. They either conceive of amazing things--they dream--but it never goes beyond that. They live only in their minds. Still others do just the opposite. They are filled with action, but not action that is thought
out well. It is movement that takes them nowhere. The secret is this: Let your mind conceive it and then let your hand create it. True accomplishment requires both.

To be Continued >>

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