Mar 26, 2009

The Angel Inside #II

By Chris Widener
Well u hv to be in a situation where u are desperately seeking for answers to all your questions...otherwise this book will only be a waste of time...

Take a journey to a modern day Florence, Italy where a despondent thirty year old Amer
ican, Tom Cook, goes to "find himself." On the last day of his trip, a mysterious old man approaches Tom on a park bench and begins to lead Tom on a tour of Art, the life of Michelangelo, the history of David, and a deeper look at Tom's own life. This book will inspire you to take your life to the next level and beyond. It will encourage you and challenge you to create a life of power and beauty.


*The importance of planning and preparation
"Planning helps you do it right the first time."
"You can always erase and start over a drawings. Once you separate a piece of marble you can't go back. You need to do it right the first time. Sometimes in life you can go back, but it is better to get it rigt the first time because of good planning and preparation . Always do the the sketching and drawing first."
"Your mind and heart will be free to pursue whatever you desire. You will want to move very fast because of the excitement you feel. This is all very well and good. Yet the lesson is to not move too fast. Fast enough to get where you want to be, but slow enough so as to do it right the first time.

*All accomplishment starts with one swift action
Why most people dont start?

"They never give it enough thought to actually bring themselves to a place of action."
"They do not plan and lay out a strategy."

"They are engrossed or tied into what they are currently doing that they cannot start on their dreams."
"Fear, fear of anything.Fear of everything."

*Embracing the stages of chipping, sculpting, sanding and polishing
"Supreme artist chips away at us, other times when he is sculpting us, other times when he is sanding, and then times when he is polishing. All of these are needed to create a beautiful life, just as they are needed to create a beautiful sculptures."

The thing is whethere you can accept it and embrace it.

"Every person has parts of them that simply must go. If those part stay, you might never see the Angel Inside. If we are going to create a life of power and beauty, we must allow ourselves to go through the processes that chip away at all of the peripheral parts of us that hide our true selves."

"The fine art of slowly and delicately revealing the form and beauty of the piece."

"represent those times in our lives when seemingly -ve circumstances surround us. It is when things grate against us. They can be irritable if we let them. Ppl...circumstancess...they all perform the act of sanding."

"Trials, adversity and suffering, sanding--are all significant process of shaping our lives...if we handle them correctly.

"Final Step"
"represents the part of life that everyone wants to skip to."

*Being content: Sometimes success takes years

"You place too much pressure on yourself to succeed. You are telling yourself that you should be far more ahead of where you are. This just isn't true."

"The earlier we are in our lives the more we hope for the latter stages, and the later we get in life, the more we long for earlier times. The key is to enjoy each stage and understand that success takes time."

" If we focus on being grateful for our lives and what we have, our thoughts will tend to be thoughts of gratitude."

*No one starts with the Sistine chapel
"Many young people, and even anyone at the beginning stages of a new venture for that matter, pressure themselves to produce tremendous work as soon as they start."

"Most people cannot accomplish the great work that will be lasting until they have gone through the process of growing and learning from their experience."


"Enjoy yourself now. Live your life with excellence. Become a person that others will be proud to know. Do the best you can at your work. And everything that is destined to come to pass will indeed come to pass."

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