Oct 9, 2008

One-sided conversation

Sandra: How was your day?
Larry: Okay.
Sandra: What happened?
Larry: The usual.
Sandra : What do you feel like doing this weekend?
Larry: I don't care. What do you want to do?
Sandra: Do you want to invite our friends over?
Larry : I don't know...Do you know where the TV schedule?
Sandra : (upset) Why don't you talk to me?
Larry: (Stunned and silent.)
Sandra: Do you love me ?
Larry : Of course I love you. I married you.
Sandra: How could you love me? We never talk anymore . How can you just sit there an dsay nothing. Don 't you care?

~At this point, Larry would get up and go for a walk. When he came back he would act as if nothing had happened.~

I took the trouble to copy this from "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. "by John Gray.

I believe that every women, involved in a one-sided conversation at least once in their live.... or maybe twice or possibly more than two times....

It doesnt have to be with your husband...but with any guy....
But right now...im focusing the 1-sided conversation btwn you and the one that u kind-of-like or admire...the one that u want to have relationship with...hahaha..

Anyway....As said by John.."When a man is pulling away is not the time to talk or to get closer. Let him pull away. After sometime he will return. He will appear loving and supportive and will act as though nothing has happened. This is the time to talk."

Sometimes I wondered why they dun give more effort to make a conversation fun...because as far as i know....they are the one that started the conversation(okay sometimes)...but when u are starting to get into the conversation....they pull away...sometimes...they just cut or stop the conversation without any sign of goodbye, sometimes u just have to rush what u want to say because if u talk slowly then he wont hear what u have to say and other may caught u talking to no one...and believe me....its embarrassing... another way of how to make a girl feels rejected...

Okay ...maybe there have a lot going on in their mind...billss... money...car....what ever it is, hey doest mean u have to treat us that way...

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