Feb 8, 2011

Where I am from...

This is my version of "Where I am from..." based on George E. L. piece
My first attempt..:)

...Where I'm From by Maria...

I am from plain porridge & wine chicken served during dinner,
I am from kids who conquered the hometown,
I am from broken piano that played a broken sound,
discordant voice & rhythms that healed the soul,
uneven dance and steps that were done to impress,
embarassed, shamed, from the eyes of innocence.

I am from Dragonball to Enid Blyton,
I am from sketches of messy lines,
I am from broken red velvet lipstick and blue ocean eyeshadow,
from a cry after the fallen from up the stairs,
from hurdles, cartwheels, sweats and broken veins,
from victories and from defeats,
delights and dissapointments.
uncaring cheerful beam under the rain.

I am from silence and cluttered mind,
I am from trees, colourful flowers and muddy flipflops,
from fluttering butterflies and buzzing bees, to barking puppies,
from teardrops and guilts..
from impossible dreams, to daydreams, and just a dream,
I am from insecurity, but very certain too,
from in-denial childish, yet unknowingly grown up...

I am from never give up, hope, faith and love...


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