Feb 9, 2009

Today around 3am

i was so sleepy that i went to sleep quite early compare to my usual sleeping schedule...
but as soon as i lied down on my bed...i couldnt sleep..
so instead of forcing myself....i rose and tried almost all my wardrobe...
its a yearly activity or maybe twice a year activity...^-^

i found a few of my blouses and jackets that i can mixed and matched with others...
and a dress that i can wear with just about anything...and a sportdress+singlet??dunno what i suppose to call it...but the problem is where to wear it like that...

and i was very dissapointed that i still couldnt fit my mom's and my sis' baju marudu(w/out feeling suffocated)...how surprising! afterall this year i still cannot fit in...funny huh...especially when ppl keep saying "makin kurus suda kau" or maybe they just want to mke me feel good about myself...haha..its okay...somehow i feeel more skinny then before...my mom was quite skinny(or should i say sexy, heehee) when she's my age and im pretty sure she's just LK's size before LK got pregnant...=bb heehee

i went to sleep just before 5am...*sigh*~~PUOKK la lama lama ni...paliss~~


  1. adadadadada ja.. hehehe.. k memang kurus sdah bah..

  2. fat in all the wrong places... lol

  3. heehee...tx neta for the compliment...
    but i agree w JK..*sigh*