Aug 1, 2011

just some thing about nothing....

When I was a kid, I told my mom that I want to be a singer...

I still remember when I was just 5 to 12 yo....i used to go to my childhood friends house...and we would practised thiss dance step which were choreographed by my childhood friend while singing...and then performed it as if we were already artist in front of her other relatives and we really enjoyed it haha....i wonder why im not a good dancer during this age...either i am uncomfortable or just plain shy or maybe i have no talent when it comes to choreography :))...but during these time of my life that got my long time hobby, which is singing.......good or bad singer...mmm i have no answer....but personally...why do i sound like a kid? and then sometimes, when i record myself singing..., i get this nasally sound coming out from my mouth.....*frustrated*

and there my friends, how i know i should not be a singer...ha haa! well it will be my hobby for sure...and music will always be in my heart....


  1. gonna be active soon. boleh ka?? heee

  2. bulih...sia tunggu kau punya 1st attack ni ;p...gonna post some video soon...x tau bila la..