Jul 7, 2009

Too many goodbyes,

but never said enough, Just hope that you can say farewell to us back.

Days after MJ is gone from this world forever...

....One thing for sure....

I will never be able to see him perform LIVE....

never be able to experience the havoc of shrieking fans and to see his fans crying for attention and pass out just by watching him performing....
never get to sing-along with him live, which will inspires and makes me cry no matter how many times i have listen to his song...

never be able to get him sign on my MJ T-shirt, if only i have one=(.

I cannot say that ive been to MJ concert and that its the best concert ever that ive been to....

In spite all the bad things people been talking, true or false, somehow i hope that he will make his comeback. But to hope is to be saddened when it never realized.

Michael J, with your music you make me cry a lil', laugh a lil', sad a lil', all the feeling come together in one...you inspired many. And thats all that matters.

Outside UCLA, early hours...Picture credit to
Kevin Duraj

below pictures credit to Richard Kimbin

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  1. the world has lost one of its brightest stars