May 24, 2009

Come twittering...

I have signed up for twitter mths ago, but i never really into it, until days ago when i found Mr.Kutcher in twitter, well its not a secret that he has one right.

Besides, even if he's not the real Ashton, at least i still get updates from his wanna-be-ashton fan, hehe.

Since then, i already following Ryan S, Mr & Mrs Kutcher, Scott M, Anoop, Matt G, Eber =b, Miley C, Jason C, some just Brits fan, Scott M fan, , and a few more names to mention.
Some keep their profile private..I just hope that i know that they are for real, not some ppl who trying to impersonate them. Now I only hope that they wont block me...heehee

check out my twitter...

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